Minus The Bear – Menos el Oso (1st Press)

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Vinyl

Minus The Bear’s Menos el Oso has been in print on vinyl for years now and has been in print since it was released back in 2005. There are no plans to end the pressing, at least for the time being. When this post was first written back in 2010 it appeared this album would remain in print. But it appears the record briefly went out of print sometime in 2011/early 2012, as not many, if any distros still have copies in stock. However, the “OOP” didn’t last long as more copies quickly floooed the market. Pressing info was never released, but all copies of the first pressing are on black vinyl.

Since 2015 marked the 10 Year Anniversary of Menos el Oso, Suicide Squeeze jumped on the 10 Year Anniversary band wagon and re-pressed the album. The only differences between the first pressing and the 10 Year Anniversary re-press are minor ones. The 10 Year Anniversary pressing will just have a bunch of first time occurrences. It will be pressed on colored vinyl and come in a gatefold jacket with a printed inner sleeve and include a download card. There are no bonus tracks, which is arguably the biggest selling point for anniversary and/or deluxe re-issue of albums. This 10 Year Anniversary Edition screams of cash grab.

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