Against Me! – New Wave (1st Press – U.S. Pressing)

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Vinyl

New Wave was being kept in print on highlighter yellow vinyl for quite a while in the U.S. There is also a German import version, which is also on yellow. The only difference between the two pressings is that the U.S. version has a separate insert whereas the German version comes with a printed dust sleeve with no insert. What is printed on the dust sleeve is what is printed on the insert found in the U.S. version. Both versions come with the CD as well. Eventually the first pressing (U.S.) went OOP and started fetching close to $100 on the secondary market. No word on pressing info for either pressing of the first press.

In late summer 2015 a re-press of New Wave was surprisingly announced and put up for pre-order. It’s being re-pressed by an indie label, Asbestos Records, who licensed the record in order to press it on vinyl. No word yet on any difference between this new re-press, which will be the second pressing of the album, and the first pressing. I’m betting it will likely stay the same other than the color(s) of vinyl, which two variants have already been announced; half yellow/half black and red.


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