Portugal. The Man – Censored Colors (1st U.S. & German Press)

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Vinyl

This is the only Portugal. The Man album that I have both the U.S. and German pressing of. Again, both pressings feature entirely different artwork from each other and even different packaging and format. I will list all the difference below.

The U.S. press was done as a double LP and the German pressing was done as a single LP. Both version on housed in a gatefold jacket however. The U.S. version features different artwork than the German version, as stated above, but there’s a catch. The U.S. pressing has a foil stamped cover, while the German pressing has a normal printed jacket. You can see all the difference with the artwork in the photos below.

The pressing info for the U.S. press is as follows; 250 copies on purple with green and white splatter, which was a vinyl collective exclusive color and 350 copies with disc 1 (side A&B) on baby blue and disc 2 (side C&D) on yellow. The pressing info for the German pressing is 1,000 copies on highlighter yellow.


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