Portugal. The Man – It’s Complicated Being A Wizard (1st U.S. Pressing)

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Vinyl

Up until about a year ago, It’s Complicated Being A Wizard was the only Portugal. The Man album not to have a U.S. pressing. There was only a German pressing to that point. Vinyl Collective answered all Portugal. The Man fans’ prayers and finally gave the album a U.S. pressing. Everything about the German and U.S. pressing is pretty much the same, even the b-side is etched. The one difference between the two pressings are the colors.

The German pressing was only done on one color, baby blue, which was limited to 1,000 copies where as the U.S. pressing was done on two colors, blue limited to 333 copies and black limited to 667 copies. To make this new U.S. pressing even more special, vinyl collective decided to make custom screen prints to go along with the first few hundred copies. Buyers had the option to pre-order one with or without the screen-print, but the screen print added if I remember correctly and extra $5 to the price tag. I opted to pre-order a blue copy without a screen print. There has since been a second U.S. pressing by Vinyl Collective which was done on coke bottle clear, I believe limited to 667 copies .


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