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Bruce Springsteen – The Promise

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Vinyl

Other than the 7″ that was released exclusively in indie record stores on Black Friday 2010, this is the latest Bruce Springsteen release. The Promise contains session tracks, outtakes, demo versions and tracking sessions from the Darkness On The Edge Of Town writing/recording process. It was pressed as 3xLP, with all of the records pressed on 180 gram black vinyl.


This 10″ was released back in 2008. There are two separate pressings of this record even though they are identical in every single way except for a sticker on the back which has a number. This is also a split with Bruce Springsteen and Suicide. Springsteen covers a Suicide song, “Dream Baby Dream” and Suicide performs their version of the song.

This 10″ is limited to 8,000 copies total, split into two pressings of 4,000 copies each. It’s probably the most poorly executed cash grab move ever, as only idiots would buy a copy from both pressings. There was no reason to limit a release of this magnitude to only 4,000 copies thinking it would tide people over. If you really wanted to please fans just keep it in print, don’t cut it off or split it into two pressings. There really was no reason to make this a limited release. The only reason to advertise and make something as a “limited edition” or “limited release” is to drive up sales. It’s one of the oldesst marketing ploys in the book, say that a product won’t be around forever and people will be more inclined to buy it. The artwork, jacket style, format (7″/10″/12″) track listing and color of the record are all exactly the same between both pressings. All copies from both pressings are individually numbered on the back, on a small white circle sticker. The only way to know what pressing your copy is from is to look at which number your copy is; 1-4,000 is from the firs press, 4,001-8,000 is from the second press.

Another Bruce Springsteen Record Store day exclusive release. This 10″ was released for RSD of this year, 2010, and includes live tracks recorded at the final shows at Giants Stadium.

This 7″ was a Record Store Day 2009 exclusive that I believe was limited to just 5,000 copies. It comes housed in a stock Columbia records cardboard sleeve with a sticker over the slit to seal it.

The single for “Dancing In The Dark” has both 7″ and 12” pressings, which span multiple countries. With some the track listing, cover art and color of the vinyl vary. The bulk of the pressings have the same artwork used for the 7” single, only scaled up for a 12”. Below I will go into specific details as best and simply as I can.

On top of this U.S. 12” pressing, there are two more U.S. pressings, a Canadian, Japanese, UK (2 different pressings), Dutch, Portuguese, Australian, South African. The track listing for all three U.S. pressings is the same; the “Blaster,” “Radio” and “Dub” mixes “Dancing In The Dark.” The UK pressing is the only one with a different track listing and color of vinyl, as it has “Pink Cadillac” on the b-side, and one of the pressings is on red vinyl. The Portuguese pressing has different artwork but has the same track listing as the U.S. pressings. The Australian, Japanese, Canadian, South African, and Dutch pressing are identical to the U.S. ones.

For the 7” there are even more pressings than the 12”, but the track listing and artwork (for picture sleeves) are identical between them all. “Pink Cadillac” is featured on the b-side. There is a Euro, Japanese, Irish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Australian, New Zealand, UK, Spanish, South African and Canadian pressing of the 7”. Some countries have multiple pressings/versions, the UK even has a shaped picture disc version on top of the standard 45. Some of the U.S. pressings come in stock Columbia/CBS paper dust sleeves.

This is a live album box set which contains 5 LP’s and a full color book that is 34 pages long.