Green Day – American Idiot (1st Press on Adeline Records)

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Vinyl

In my eyes, and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way, American Idiot did not need a re-pressing since it was still readily available and in abundance on vinyl prior to the re-press. Nevertheless, Warner Bros./Reprise decided to press it again with their own label’s name on the back. Originally American Idiot was pressed by Adeline Records, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day’s label. The reason for Warner re-pressing this album on their mad dash through Green Day’s catalog was probably to cash in. Ultimately it doesn’t really hurt anyone, because let’s face it, Billie Joe and the other 2/3 of Green Day have plenty of money. Their touring guitarist probably has money to burn too.

There are three easy ways to tell the difference between the Adeline pressing and the Warner/Reprise press. First is a sticker on the front of the jacket on the Warner/Reprise press, second the label’s name on the back of the jacket, and thirdly, and the biggest cosmetically, is that the gatefold artwork is different. I will post photos of the gatefold artwork for the Adeline pressing below. I have seen the gatefold artwork for the Warner/Reprise pressing, and it’s basically all black and a tiny grenade/balloon on the right side.

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