Green Day – Insomniac (1st Press)

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Vinyl

This is the 1st pressing, or OG press of Insomniac. Depending on how you look at things that’s either a null point or a very worthwhile one. I have never listened to the recent re-press of the album or even held it in my hands, so I can’t compare to two pressings. The easiest way to tell the difference between the OG a recent 2009 re-press is whether or not there is a sticker on the front of the jacket on the shrink-wrap.

If you’re trying to find an OG press on ebay make sure it does not have a sticker on the front, if it’s still sealed. Other than that I have no idea how to tell the pressings apart. I don’t know the difference in the matrix numbers, if there is one, because I don’t have the re-press. I have seen an OG press on black with white swirl or “skunk” vinyl, because it looks like a skunk. I’m not sure if the skunk copies are part of another pressing, but they may be a Euro pressing if not part of a U.S. pressing. It could also be a bootleg too.


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