Green Day – 21 Singles 7″ Box Set

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Vinyl

This is the 7″ box set that I have been referencing in numerous entries preceeding this one. There was a major problem with the release that I spotted immediately after opening the package I got from the Warner Bros. webstore. The box set was advertised as being limited to 3,500 copies, with all copies being hand numbered. Upon looking at the box, tha back read 2,069/3,800. So they pressed 3,800 copies of the box set when they advertised it as limited to 3,500 copies.

I then decided to email Warner Bros. customer service department, pretty much calling them out on their blatant false advertising. The email I sent was rather tame in language compared to what I truly wanted to say, but I did throw in some threats that I may or may not have actually carried through, like filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau and calling up my credit card company to get my money back because the product I receieved was not as described if I did not get a response explaining things. Needless to say I was not very happy because when all was said and done, I spent close to $200 on this box set.

To my surprise I got a response the next day, explaining their major screw up, which they passed off as not a problem or mistake. They gave me a $25 refund, which I never expected nor asked for. Their explaination of the false advertising statement of “limited to 3,500 copies” was that there were only 3,500 copies available to United States residents and that other 300 copies were available for over seas residents. How that makes any sense is beyond me or rationale thought. Their webstore is open to the entire world, at the time Warner Bros. records did not separate websotres for certain countries, continents or regions. So see kids, calling up or emailing complaining and making a big fuss about things that aren’t right or that you aren’t happy with does yield results. The idea of I’m not going to complain because nothing ever gets done or complaining never gets anything solved or resolved is not always correct.

Upon posting my experience on a few message boards that vinyl enthusiasts gather on, many other people who felt the same way as me, that they ripped people off because they advertised the set as limited to 3,500 copies when there were actually more copies made (again, keep in mind that this set cost nearly $200), emailed Warner Bros. complaining too and they were all given $25 refunds in the form of a chargeback to their credit card or a gift certificate to the Warner Bros. webstore. Not happy with the way Warner Bros. did business with this set, many people opted for a charge back rather than spend more money in the Warner Bros. webstore, myself included in that bunch.

About a week later Warner Bros. changed their item description for this box set in their webstore, saying it was limited to 3,800 copies and not 3,500. So much for them giving me the run around and not owning up to their mistake.

Now back to the release itself. Like the title states there are 21 7″ records in the box set, some of which were never released prior to this box set. Many of which were released individually prior to this box set coming out however. One of the biggest records that was never released prior to this box set was a The Network 7″, which is another Green day side project band. The Network material was never released on vinyl prior to this release. Many of the singles that were released outside of this set have the same artwork for tham pressing/version, but all of the singles are pressed on black vinyl in the set, no matter what color they were pressed on outside of the set.


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