Green Day – Know Your Enemy 7″

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Vinyl

This is the first single off of Green Day’s latest album, 21st Century Breakdown. Each 7″ is individually numbered, stamped, not printed on the back of the sleeves. A total of 5,000 copies were pressed, and the 7″ is now OOP. 5,000 copies may seem like a lot, but for a band like Green Dat it’s actually a pretty small run.

One important thing to note about the Know Your Enemy 7″ is that this single was included in the 21  7″ Green Day box set. Some scrupulous people have decided to sell off the 21 records found in this box set individually for what I can only assume is motivated by multiple reasons. The first is to make more money, it basically boils down to that. Other reasons that stem from that first factor is to take advantage of people. Many people aren’t aware of what single/records were included in that box set, and all of them except for a few were released on their own outside of the set before being apart of the box set. The two biggest differences are first, the one that is the stand alone release of “Know Your Enemy” is numbered, whereas the 7″ included in the box set is not. The second is the center labels of each version are different to one another.


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