Green Day – Minority 7″ (1st Press)

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Vinyl

The first single off of Warning, “Minority” was pressed on black vinyl and green vinyl. Not sure how many copies were pressed on either color. This 7″ was also later included in the 21 7″ box set, but that version has a large hole rather than a normal small spindle hole. This 7″ has gone through at least six pressings now. The first on  black and later pressings on clear, grey, red, peach and green. Adeline went nuts with pressing this 7″, so much so that I lost track of which colors are which pressing.

The later pressing were pretty rare and were limited to around 300 copies each, maybe even less. As a result the later pressings were ebay gold, and most copies were bought to flip. Some copies on ebay went for hundreds of dollars. The “Minority” 7″ is now ut of print, but I would not be surprised if Adeline goes back and re-presses it yet again.


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