The Offspring – Smash (1st Press & 20th Anniversary Edition Box Set)

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Vinyl

This first pressing of Smash was released back in 1994 and was done on standard weight black vinyl with stock Epitaph center labels. I’m not sure how many were pressed during this first go around. But it didn’t take long for it to go OOP because it was a very popular album. Even though it went OOP quickly, it happened before the recent surge in popularity of and vinyl sales, so it was easy to find on ebay for a decent price. Once the vinyl craze got in full swing, and as time went on, copies became harder and harder to come by, and prices sky rocketed, with some fetching around $80 on ebay.

In 2008   Smash saw a long overdue re-press along with a few other older Offspring albums, I think all of their Epitaph albums. The OG presses were all on black vinyl, while the re-presses were on color vinyl, first red vinyl then orange vinyl.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Offspring’s iconic album Smash, Epitaph released a special, re-mastered version of the album in 2014. The only way to buy the vinyl version of the 20th Anniversary edition is in a box set that includes the record on 180 gram black vinyl, the CD version of the album and a 12″ x 12″ 22 page booklet. The box set is priced nicely at around $30 depending on which retailer you look at.

The artwork was redone for this edition of the album, but is still inspired by the original artwork, as you can see by the pictures below. The box is a slid lid, with the lid being die-cut. The record jacket with the re-imagined artwork shows through the die-cut portion of the box. The CD comes packaged inside the LP jacket and the booklet is package loose inside the box beneath the LP.

I do not know how many copies were pressed, but I don’t think this box set is limited at all. There is also a deluxe edition of this anniversary release, that comes with some exclusive extra goodies all stuffed inside a wooden box. This wooden box deluxe set came with a 12″x12″ art print, replica contact sheet of photos from a never before seen photo shoot, a “genuine” black and white photo print taken during a Smash era show, a replica back stage pass/tour laminate and a 20th anniversary patch. With the art print, the first 250 copies of the box set came with the print on cloth, with every copy after the first 250 on archival paper. The cloth prints are all individually hand numbered by the artist and signed by both the artist and band. In addition to the first 250 orders bonus, everyone who ordered any version of the 20th anniversary edition in the first 24 hours of release received a special, hand stamped  ” day of release” card. The “day of release” card is simply a post card with a black stamp that reads “first day of issue,” a postage origin stamp with The Offspring logo that reads “Huntington Beach CA April 8 2014” and a faux traditional postage stamp featuring the Smash album art.  The deluxe wooden box also comes with the regular box set inside as well, so you get everything included with that.


For the gallery below the first pressing are the first three photos, and the 20th Anniversary Edition is all the photos following.


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