The Offspring – Americana (1st Press)

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Vinyl

Americana was The Offspring’s major label debut and was one of their most successful albums commercially as well as one of their more popular albums as well. Of course there will always be those people who prefer any band’s early material to their later material just for the sake of it being earlier. This is the album where the band took a sharp left and veered off the highway, as their many of their songs, or at least their singles, had more of a comical tone with choruses that were a bit overkill in terms of cheesiness.

Americana was pressed on two variants, a stanrd black pressing in a regualr jacket and a picture disc pressing that came housed in a picture disc sleeve. The picture disc is of the album artwork. While I love the artwork for this album, I tend to hate picture discs, so if faced with a choice I usually go for anything that is not a picture disc, which is what I did here.

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