Blink-182 – Dude Ranch (Universal Pressing, 2nd Press)

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Vinyl

This is technically the second press, at least in my mind, of Blink-182’s sophomore album, Dude Ranch. Originally the record was pressed by Cargo Music, which the band was signed to before being upstreamed/jumping to Universal Music. I don’t know the pressing info from the first press, but the record was pressed on black vinyl and was probably kept in print for ages. This second press, the first with the Universal Music logo attached to it, was pressed on clear orange vinyl and limited to 2,000 copies. It was exclusively sold through Hot Topic.

As many people know, Mightier Than Sword Records (MTS) also did their own pressing/re-press of Dude Ranch after licensing out the album from Universal. In my mind that is a third pressing of the album, because it came out after both the Cargo and Universal pressing. Both the Universal and MTS pressings came housed in a gatefold jacket, and the gatefold artwork is different between the two. Between these two pressings it’s the first time the album has been released in a gatefold jacket. Another difference is that the bUniversal presing has the parental advisory label affiexed to the front of the jacket, as in it’s printed on, and the MTS pressing has a parental advisory sticker afficed the the outer poly sleeve each copy was originally shipped in. The center labels of each pressing are also different from each other. For reference please check my other post on the MTS pressing made earlier by clicking on the Blink-182 tag in the left menu bar. Check there for the pressing info for the MTS pressing as well.


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