Weezer – Pinkerton (1st Euro Pressing & MoFi Pressing)

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Vinyl

The regular version of Pinkerton went through a few different pressings. There was a Japanese pressing, a U.S. pressing and a Euro pressing. I have the Euro press, which is pretty much identical to the U.S. press except for a few key things. The U.S. press comes with full color dust sleeve while the Euro press comes in a standard white paper dust sleeve. The spine on the U.S. pressing also has the album title printed on it, while the Euro press has nothing written on the spine. There were 5,000 copies of the U.S. pressing pressed, while I don’t have pressing info for the Euro or Japanese pressings. Recently, there was a deluxe version of Pinkerton released, which was pressed as a quadruple LP on 180 gram black vinyl.

In 2013 Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs did a pressing of Pinkerton on their standard 180 gram black vinyl. I think there were 3,000 copies, all individually numbered on the back of the jacket in gold foil stamping. The last few Weezer MoFi pressings were limited to 3,000 copies, but I have not seen official numbers posted anywhere. Plus my copy of the MoFi pressing of Pinkerton is numbered over 3,000, but it’s probably an over run. The MoFi pressing comes housed in a thick gatefold jacket.

There is a difference in the artwork between the Euro pressing and the MoFi pressing, as the Euro pressing is much darker and not as crisp as the MoFi pressing.


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