Weezer – The Blue Album (1st Euro Press & MoFi Pressing)

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Vinyl

Weezer’s debut album has gone through multiple pressings spanning the globe. The U.S. pressing is long OOP and next to impossible to track down. The Euro presses are apparently still being made and are relatively easy to find, but you will have to shell out $30 or more to get it.

In late 2012 Mobile Fidelity Soundlab (MoFi) announced they would be re-pressing The Blue Album on 180 gram vinyl using a new  and better mastering. The MoFi pressing was limited to 3,000 copies, which are all individually numbered on the back of the jacket in gold foil stamping. The iconic artwork remains the same, save for MoFi banner across the top of the cover. This pressing also comes housed in a gatefold jacket, which I know for sure the Euro pressing does not have and I’m pretty confident the U.S. pressing does nt have either. The artwork inside the gatefold jacket is the same as what is printed on the dust sleeve for the Euro pressing. Price wise the MoFi pressing is comparable to the Euro pressing as well, around $30 depending on place of purchase and/or discount codes or sales.

About the same time in 2012 there was a Black To Black series re-press of the album as well. Which is inferior in quality to the MoFi pressing, but $10 cheaper. So there is the trade-off to consider, go the cheap route and get cash grab mediocrity, or shell out the extra $10 to get the best sounding pressing of The Blue Album available. To make the decision easier/tougher depending on your viewpoint, the artwork for the Back To Black pressing remains the same as well and does not come in a gatefold jacket.


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