Led Zeppelin – In Through The Out Door (All Covers w/ Bags)

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Vinyl

There are six different covers for In Through The Out Door, with the different covers being denoted by a single capital letter on the spine, lettered A-F. Each cover is a different person in the bar’s perspective, or line of sight of the white suited man sitting at the bar. I do not know how many copies of each cover were pressed, or if one is rare than the next. No matter the cover variant, all copies come with the same paper bag outer cover, which slides over the jacket. When these were first released it was a guessing game as to what cover you were getting.

Another unique thing about this record is that the inner sleeve can change colors. When the record was first sold the inner sleeve was black and white, but if you rubbed water on the sleeve it changed to colors. You can see what the sleeve looks like both before and after being watered below. All the different covers can be seen below as well, with A being in the top row, far left and F being in the second row, far right.


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