Portugal. The Man – Church Mouth (German Pressing)

Posted: November 27, 2010 in Vinyl

All of Portugal. The Man’s albums have been pressed in Germany. All of the German presses feature different album art than their U.S. counterparts except for American Ghetto. While the artwork for the German pressing of Church Mouth is not as drastically different from the U.S. pressing as some of their other albums, there is one subtle difference. The artwork from the German pressing is taken from the CD version of the album, and the CD artwork is the same across the globe. Instead of the faces being drawn on like with the U.S. pressing, the faces are a photograph on the German pressing. The gatefold artwork is the same between both the U.S. and German pressings.

The German pressing of Church Mouth was pressed by Defiance Records and has been pressed on several different color variants and I believe it is currently in its second pressing, but don’t hold me to that. There were 500 copies pressed on grey, 500 copies on red, 250 copies on regular weight black and an unknown amount pressed on 180 gram black vinyl. The 180 gram black copies come packaged with the CD version of the album, which is why I feel there might be a second pressing of the album which the 180 gram black copies would fall into. Getting an email response from Defiance/Green Hell over in Germany is like trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean in one leap, so obtaining 100% accurate and truthful pressing info for any of their pressings is a very long shot.


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