Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark 7″ (U.S. Pressing) & 12″ (UK & Dutch)

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Vinyl

The single for “Dancing In The Dark” has both 7″ and 12” pressings, which span multiple countries. With some the track listing, cover art and color of the vinyl vary. The bulk of the pressings have the same artwork used for the 7” single, only scaled up for a 12”. Below I will go into specific details as best and simply as I can.

On top of this U.S. 12” pressing, there are two more U.S. pressings, a Canadian, Japanese, UK (2 different pressings), Dutch, Portuguese, Australian, South African. The track listing for all three U.S. pressings is the same; the “Blaster,” “Radio” and “Dub” mixes “Dancing In The Dark.” The UK pressing is the only one with a different track listing and color of vinyl, as it has “Pink Cadillac” on the b-side, and one of the pressings is on red vinyl. The Portuguese pressing has different artwork but has the same track listing as the U.S. pressings. The Australian, Japanese, Canadian, South African, and Dutch pressing are identical to the U.S. ones.

For the 7” there are even more pressings than the 12”, but the track listing and artwork (for picture sleeves) are identical between them all. “Pink Cadillac” is featured on the b-side. There is a Euro, Japanese, Irish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Australian, New Zealand, UK, Spanish, South African and Canadian pressing of the 7”. Some countries have multiple pressings/versions, the UK even has a shaped picture disc version on top of the standard 45. Some of the U.S. pressings come in stock Columbia/CBS paper dust sleeves.


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