Bruce Springsteen – Dream Baby Dream 10″ (2nd Pressing)

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Vinyl

This 10″ was released back in 2008. There are two separate pressings of this record even though they are identical in every single way except for a sticker on the back which has a number. This is also a split with Bruce Springsteen and Suicide. Springsteen covers a Suicide song, “Dream Baby Dream” and Suicide performs their version of the song.

This 10″ is limited to 8,000 copies total, split into two pressings of 4,000 copies each. It’s probably the most poorly executed cash grab move ever, as only idiots would buy a copy from both pressings. There was no reason to limit a release of this magnitude to only 4,000 copies thinking it would tide people over. If you really wanted to please fans just keep it in print, don’t cut it off or split it into two pressings. There really was no reason to make this a limited release. The only reason to advertise and make something as a “limited edition” or “limited release” is to drive up sales. It’s one of the oldesst marketing ploys in the book, say that a product won’t be around forever and people will be more inclined to buy it. The artwork, jacket style, format (7″/10″/12″) track listing and color of the record are all exactly the same between both pressings. All copies from both pressings are individually numbered on the back, on a small white circle sticker. The only way to know what pressing your copy is from is to look at which number your copy is; 1-4,000 is from the firs press, 4,001-8,000 is from the second press.

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