Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends (Screened Jacket & CD Artwork Versions)

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Vinyl

When Tell All Your Friends was first pressed it featured a silk-screened jacket that had unique artwork. There were two pressings with this screened jacket, and the jacket was quarter-folded on the back. There was also a re-press that featured the CD version artwork and a full jacket, and currently there are two pressings that feature the CD artwork. In total there are four pressing of this album, two per jacket/artwork version.

Here are some more details on the screened jacket versions; they have a photo copied insert on printer paper that comes in multiple different colors and the center labels are stock Victory Records labels. For the inserts I have seen pink, white, green and blue. I’m not sure if certain colors were used for certain pressings or not. Unlike the screened jacket pressing of Thursday’s Full Collapse, the first press of Tell All Your Friends does not have unique center labels, both the first and second pressing have the same stock Victory Records Jacket. One important detail about the pressings with the CD artwork is that they all have the same center labels and inserts. The center label is taken from the album art and the insert is taken from the liner notes of the CD version. The insert is also a full size insert instead of a photo copied sheet of printer paper.

The pressing info is as follows: 1st press w/ screened jacket; 210 copies on grey, 550 copies on baby blue, 560 copies on clear gold and 813 copies on clear. 2nd press w/ screened jacket; 110 copies on orange and 1100 copies on green. 3rd press overall and 1st w/ CD artwork; 400 copies on mint green, 400 copies on yellow, 200 copies on light blue. 4th press overall and 2nd w/ CD artwork; 1,000 copies on purple and 1,000 copies on pink.


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