Portugal. The Man – Censored Colors (2nd U.S. Press)

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Vinyl

Typically I go back and edit a previous entry if I come across a new pressing/version of an album I already own and made an entry for, but in this case I will make an exception. Partly because not many people are aware that many of Portugal. The Man’s albums are being re-pressed, most of their post Fearless material in fact, which includes The Satanic Satanist along with Censored Colors. For whatever reason Church Mouth is not going to be re-pressed as of now. All of these new re-presses are only on black vinyl, at least for now.

As you may recall, Censored Colors was originally pressed by Vinyl Collective, and featured completely unique artwork and packaging compared to the CD version, which was released by Equal Vision Records. It was also as double LP. this new re-press, which is the second pressing of the album, features the CD artwork and was done as only a single LP. It is however, still housed in a gatefold jacket. The jacket is very high quality and is very sturdy, which surprised me. The record itself is also decent, but not as heavy as the 1st press. I have no idea how many copies of this new second pressing were pressed. They are only being sold at Portugal. The Man’s shows and through their Merch Now store.


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