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Finally got my hands on the complete set of the “Tumbling Dice” 7″ and patience is a virtue. This 7″ was originally a Black Friday Record Store Day release in 2010, and knowing that this 7″ would not be limited in terms of numbers and would be readily available after January 1, 2011, I did not brave the morons that break out of their straight jackets and make a run for it from their padded rooms. My record store even had copies left over in December, but only three of the colors.

By buying the complete set of four from Side One Dummy’s web store, I saved money. So after all was said and done my mind and body were thanking me along with my wallet for not going out on Black Friday. I actually got all the Black Friday RSD releases I wanted for retail price, not over inflated ebay prices.

Now to the actual records this entry is devoted to. The packaging is great. They all come in a silk screened, envelope folded jackets. The jackets are made out of sturdy cardboard/paper, whatever jackets are made out of. They all fold into the back of the jacket to seal them. Four colors were pressed with corresponding jackets; black, blue, brown and white. Personally, black is my favorite of the four.


This is the most recent Patton Oswalt album to be pressed on vinyl. There were only 500 copies pressed and it’s getting harder and harder to find. At the time, when I bought it from Amazon, there were only two copies left. So as a result there is only one copy left on Amazon. Unless the stock tracker is a gimmick to drive up sales, it’s unlikely because Amazon was the exclusive retailer for Werewolves And Lollipops on vinyl. The vinyl version of the album, like the CD version, comes with the DVD the performance the album was recorded from.

The first Patton Oswalt album to be pressed on vinyl. Not sure how many copies were pressed but they’re all on black vinyl. One interesting thing about this record is that the cover has cut-out figures, which only a complete idiot would actually cut out. There is even an insert/ad inside the jacket saying don’t cut up the jacket, you can buy duplicate jacket/poster from XXX website.

But when you go to the website the jacket/poster is next to impossible to find, and when you do, it costs $37! That’s over three times what I paid for the record. I hate overpriced junk. It was recently announced that a second pressing of this album will be out soon, possibly late 2011 early 2012 that will be done on three different colors.

This is one of the few triple LP’s in my collection. I actually have more 4xLP’s than 3xLP’s in my collection. Once again, in true David Cross fashion, the triple LP comes on colored vinyl in honor of America; the first on red, the second on white and the third on blue. I do no know how many copies were pressed.

David Cross – It’s Not Funny

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Vinyl
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Not sure how many copies were pressed, but I got this album along with all of David Cross’ other albums that were pressed on vinyl from Amazon for a terrific price with free shipping.

David Cross – Bigger And Blackerer

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Vinyl
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This record has one of the more unique packaging jobs I’ve ever seen. This LP comes housed in a gatefold jacket with a velvet slip sleeve, much like a dust jacket of a book. Inside is the regular record jacket. The artwork on the velvet sleeve is different from the regular jacket too, as it’s gold stamped. The LP also comes packaged with the DVD of the performance and a digital download code. A fold out poster of the album artwork is also included. There were 2,500 copies of this LP pressed.

The last actual Pinhead Gunpowder release I needed to complete my collection I finally obtained a little over a week ago. I’m pretty sure my copy is from the re-press, if you want to call it that. I believe this 7″ was originally released with a zine, then it was pressed annd sold on its own. I have no clue how many copies were pressed.