Piebald – Even After Thirteen Years, He’s Still Not Coming Back 7″ (1st & 3rd Press)

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Vinyl

This is one of the earlier Piebald 7″s and like most of them, there are a few different variants, but this one has the most. This 7″ has undergone three pressings, all unique from each other, whether it be the cover art, the center labels or the actual paper the jacket/sleeve is printed on.

One of the things that makes this 7″ unique is that the jackets are actual notebook paper, at least the later pressings. The first press is an actual jacket, but is designed to look like a sheet of notebook paper. The center labels also differ between some pressings/color variants as well as the print on the jackets. Some jackets have a stamped cover, in that the title is actually stamped on, while others are printed on. Check deadformat for all the fine print details and pictures of most of these variants and the differences. I did my best to explain them all below, but pictures are the best way to notice all the differences, as I only post pics of the records I actually own and take myself.

The first press was done on three different colors, one with a special jacket. In total there are 1,000 copies on black, 700 with the normal jacket and 100 with the special cover, which has a string/twine through the side to bind the jacket together. These 100 black copies also have special center labels, as the pooh and piglet on them are smaller in comparison to the labels on the other colors/variants. There are also 300 copies on opaque blue with the normal jacket, bringing the total amount pressed for the first press up to 1,300.

The second press has notebook paper covers and there is only one color, white, which was limited to 514 copies. These copies have a big pooh and piglet on the center label. The third pressing has the same jacket as the second press and was also pressed on one color, clear blue, limited to 510 copies.


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