Piebald/In Vain – Split 7″ (2nd Press, Regular & Handmade Cover)

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Vinyl
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Carrying on the tradition of Piebald 7″s with different jackets/artwork between pressings, this split with In Vain went through two pressings. It is long out of print and will most likely never be pressed again. The actual artwork for the two pressing is the same, the only difference is what color the jacket is.

The first press comes in a black jacket and was only pressed on one color; black, limited to 1,000 copies. The second press gets a bit confusing, as there is a cover that is black, but is different from the black cover from the first press. This jacket is incredibly rare. So rare in fact I have only seen it twice and know of only two people aside from myself who actually have a copy. There were only 37 of these covers made, with each one being hand-made/assembled and hand numbered.

The jacket is a typical tri-fold, but the silhouette of a person on the right is cut out of one panel, and makes the cover 3-D. The jacket folds out to reveal the insert, which is glued to the inside left panel. Real photographs of both bands are glued onto the back of the jacket. The record for this cover is also on black vinyl. I remember reading somewhere that these 37 copies were leftovers that had no jackets, so either the band or label decided to make these special covers. I also heard that it could have been the owner of a small indie record store somewhere in New England. I tend to believe it was the band or label though, it’s just I have not heard definitively which story is correct.

The regular cover for the second press is exactly the same as the regular cover from the first pressing, except it’s brown instead of black. It’s also pressed on black vinyl and was limited to 500 copies.


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