Portugal. The Man – The Satanic Satanist (German Pressing)

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Vinyl

Since I don’t feel like going back and updating my first entry for The Satanic Satanist to include photos of the German pressing, I will make a new post for it. It’s also because this is one of my favorite records packaging wise in my collection and is the most unique.

The pressing info is quite simple for the Defiance Records German pressing of this album, 500 copies on purple/pink, 500 copies on light blue and 500 copies on lime green/yellow and 500 copies on clear orange. The jacket is not traditional by any means. The front of the jacket opens it up, actually folding out on both sides to open. The dust sleeve is actually part of the artwork as well as the record’s center labels. The center labels on both sides fit into the artwork on each side of the dust sleeve as well. The German pressing also comes packaged with the CD version of the album. For the pressing info on the first press of the U.S. pressing check the older entry by clicking on the tags section on the menu on the right.

The U.S. pressing has just went through a re-press, which features the same artwork/jacket style as the first U.S. press. This second press is all on black vinyl, and at this time pressing numbers have not been released. The German pressing is also supposed to be getting a second pressing, but details have not been announced yet. The only reason I know it is happening is because the guy who did the artwork for this album sent Defiance Records the high-resolution artwork, templates and layout again for this album so it can be re-pressed. So when the pre-order goes up on greenhell.de do not sleep on it, even though the price may seem high. You would much rather pay around $40 now to import it from Germany than spend double that on ebay down the road.


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