My Chemical Romance – Danger Days: True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys (1st Press)

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Vinyl

My Chemical Romance’s latest album got the vinyl treatment a few months after its initial release. It was pressed on two colors; red/white/blue swirl limited to 500 copies and black limited to 2,500 copies. The red/white/blue swirl is actually purple, which any grade school child could tell you is the color made when mixing red, blue and a little bit of white. Why Reprise/Warner Bros. couldn’t just say purple swirl is beyond me, but there are hints of red, white and blue in the swirl. On top of those colors my copy also has hints of black, white and grey in the swirl.

The interesting/annoying part of this release, depending on how you look at it, is the price point. The colored copies were only sold through My Chemical Romance’s web store, and they cost $30, while the black copies cost $22 and are available everywhere.

After seeing the price the night before pre-orders went live I debated whether or not to actually buy a colored copy. After weighing the pros and cons I settled on buying a colored copy. The price difference is negligible, because in the end I would only save $5 tops after taxes if I bought a black copy somewhere. Plus I bought another record with my order of the colored copy so I saved on shipping. Plus I have a complete My Chemical Romance collection going in terms of the rarest variant and it’s pretty close to being actually complete in terms of releases anyway. In the end I think I made the right choice, as I could sell my colored copy on ebay right now for over $100.


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