My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade Special Edition

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Vinyl

This is a special edition/box set that I held off on buying mainly because of the price, but also because when it was first released I had no desire to collect as many variants as I do now. When the special edition of The Black Parade was released, its retail price was close to $60 depending on what retailer you were shopping at. At that price, you would have a hard time getting me to purchase anything other than a car.

The Black Parade was released in 2006, and copies of the special edition are still around in 2011. Finally Reprise/Warner Bros. realized copies of this were not selling, so they lowered the price to $38, which is when I finally decided to pull the trigger on it. I bought this along with the vinyl version of My Chemical Romance’s latest album, Danger Days: True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys so I saved on shipping.

After receiving the special edition in the mail last week I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of everything is great, from the slip box that holds the two LP’s, to the dust sleeves, to the two 15 page books, to the records themselves. I already own the regular version of the record, and I was blown away making comparisons, despite the fact that the gatefold jacket used for the regular version was also used for one of the LP’s in the special edition.

Now down to all the details of this special edition. Only 1,000 copies were pressed/made compared to 3,000 for the regular version. After sitting around for close to five years it was about time the label did something about the price point, because that was the reason theses were not selling even though only there are only 1,000 copies. The set comes in a slip box, which holds two gatefold jackets, each of which holds one 180 gram record along with a 15 page book that is attached inside the gatefold jacket. Both books ares on the making of The Black Parade; featuring production photos, design concepts for music videos, design concepts for the on stage outfits the band wore during tours promoting the album and info on the meaning behind the songs and the writing process for them.

I will post as detailed of photos for  everything as I can, but realize it’s next to impossible to get a photo in order to read every page of the books, and I don’t know of a scanner big enough to actually scan in the pages. To save space, I am only posting photos of two pages together, which is also done because much of the artwork spreads across the binding of the book onto the other page. If you have any of the picture disc vinyl singles from this album, you will recognize the artwork. Or you could just look at the photos in the entries for them on my blog since I own them all.


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