My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Vinyl

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was the album that put My Chemical Romance on the map. It shot them to new heights from which they still haven’t come down from, not even a step or two. It’s their sophomore album, but it got the vinyl treatment after their third album The Black Parade.

The pressing for this album is horrible. It sounds horrible, the record itself is pretty horrible actually. It’s really flimsy, flimsier than almost every record I have ever held. On top of that, the record retails for a whopping $30. The label marketed it as coming with exclusive items, but they’re only a stencil and what was supposed to be hand written lyrics, which are actually photo copied. Once again, this was a record I held off on buying because of the price tag, even though it’s probably my favorite My Chemical Romance album. Luckily Hot Topic had a half price sale on this, which knocked the price down to a great price for any record; $15. Buying this record is one of the few times I was actually in a Hot Topic. Come to think of it, the only time I really ever go in there is to buy records they are the exclusive retailer of.

I’m not sure how many copies were pressed, but this is not limited at all. Copies are started dwindle down though in retail outlets, but not online. All copies were pressed on red vinyl and the vinyl version features different artwork from its CD counterpart. The CD artwork is 100 times better than the “artwork” for the vinyl version, which you will see in the photos below.

In early 2015 two of My Chemical Romance’s most sought after albums were re-pressed on vinyl; Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and The Black Parade. As expected, people went crazy over everything to do with them, and I mean everything. People flooded message boards, creating an over 100 page thread (it still grows as of posting this) on one in particular renowned for lunacy. It’s a shame because that message board used to be a great resource and somehow rose above typical message board nonsense.

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge had three variants for the 2nd pressing, which goes back to the original album artwork. Initially there was some confusion about the pressing info, which was instigated by a rep from Hot Topic, who supplied false information that everyone took as the truth. When a re-press was first announced, it was done so by the aforementioned rep from Hot Topic, along with the info that Hot Topic would have an exclusive color, which was not surprising at all. Later on, much closer to the re-press’ release date, a Massachusetts based indie record store, Newbury Comics, announced they would be selling an exclusive color of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. This is where the confusion and lying started.

People wondered if Newbury would actually be carrying an exclusive color, because the announcement came completely out of the blue. Combined with the fact Newbury is relatively new to the exclusive variant game. This is where the misinformation started, as the rep from Hot Topic publicly stated on the aforementioned message board, that the Newbury color was not exclusive tot them and that all retailers other than Hot Topic would have that color for the record. Also going on to say Hot Topic would be the only place with an exclusive color. The rep never went back and corrected himself, even after it was confirmed that there would in fact be a Newbury Record exclusive color and it was not a mass retail color. The misinformation went as far as people believing the band themselves (or whoever operates their official website) posted the wrong info on their website regarding the Newbury exclusives. All due to people believing the Hot Topic rep, who majority believe is one of the best people around in terms of the “vinyl community.” It’s of my opinion this was purposely done by Hot Topic as a sales tactic; to lie about the pressing info to drive up sales of their exclusive variant and cut down sales of a competitor. People may say my opinion is farfetched or downright wrong. I won’t get into all the details all he countless shady moves Hot Topic has done over the years to keep things as brief as possible, but if anyone wants to argue about it feel free to leave a comment and I will carry out a conversation there.

So the pressing info for Three Cheers is as follows: 1,000 copies on red, which is a Newbury Comics exclusive, 2,000 copies on clear with red splatter, which is a Hot Topic exclusive and an unknown amount on black vinyl that is available everywhere other than those two retailers. I find that pressing info particularly hilarious, as through all the shadiness of Hot Topic regarding this record they didn’t get the rarest variant, which serves them right if you ask me, and also lends more substance to my thoughts regarding their efforts to mislead people into buying from them.

This second pressing is an exact duplication of the CD release of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. The insert, which is different from the one that comes with the first pressing, is an exact replica of the booklet that comes with the CD. The center labels on the record are nearly exact replicas of the CD itself, with the only difference being the CD has the writing in color instead of black and white. Overall the second pressing, while needed considering how long OOP and desirable the album is, is a pure cash grab. The jacket is thin and cheap, to the point where it led to a seam split on the copy I ordered online. Yes I’m fully aware seam splits can happen due from being in transit, but I think had the jackets for this re-press been thicker a seam split would not have formed. Also taking into account the other LP I ordered witht Three Cheers did not have seam splits. The cash grab aspect also gains some weight considering what the label did with the first pressing of this record; alternate artwork, glossy full color embossed dust sleeve, an insert on top of the printed dust sleeve that is not taken from the CD packaging and an extra bonus in the stencil.

Because of the confusion, and intentional misleading regarding the Newbury exclusive variant, it took a long time to sell out all things considered. It took at least a couple of days, if not a week. Meanwhile, the Hot Topic exclusive sold out in a matter of hours the day it was put online and nearly every store sold out the day they got copies in stock, despite the fact there are double the amount of copies as Newbury. I know many people refrained from buying the Newbury exclusive after hearing it was not exclusive to Newbury and would be a wide retail color. They refrained long enough that by the time it became know the Hot Topic rep lied, the Newbury exclusive just happened to sell out.

As mentioned above, the Hot Topic exclusive sold out very quickly. In fact it was oversold, as many people received cancellation emails. Even though it was already oversold and sold out online, Hot Topic put more copies back up for the sale the morning after (Hot Topic puts re-loads their website in the wee hours of the morning in EST, but is midnight PST), so countless people rushed to put an order in, both people who missed out and people who had their orders cancelled, only to have those new orders cancelled as well for obvious reasons. Hot Topic went on to cancel more orders later in the week as a result, with some people getting cancellation emails a few days after their order went through.

Hot Topic was also one of the most expensive place to buy Three Cheers, selling it for $24.50 before taxes (I believe every state has a store so taxes would apply to everyone ordering from the USA), plus even more if you had your ordered shipped (another $5). So when all was said and done you could have spent over $30 on this if you bought it from Hot Topic, all to get something that looks cooler and nothing more. I spent $19 on this and didn’t have to deal with everything that happened with Hot Topic, a win-win in my book. Newbury Comics was selling Three Cheers for $26.50, but taxes wouldn’t apply if you live unless you live in one of the New England states. Shipping from there is more expensive however; $6.

Hot on the heels of this wildly “successful” exclusive, the aforementioned Hot Topic rep announced that Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge would be re-pressed, with Hot Topic getting the same exact color variant as they had for the second pressing. Re-pressing on the same color is one of Hot Topic’s latest sales tactics and shady moves. They never used to do it, they used to re-press on new colors. So it’s not like their contract with a label forces them to re-press on the same color.

  1. YM says:

    Hot Topic has become so terrible and I agree really shady. Why do you think people on that “certain message board” kiss the reps behind so much?


    • Stitches and Grooves says:

      I’m assuming you know which message board I’m referring to. I never post a link to it or mention it by name in order to cut down on the influx of brain dead morons who sign up and contribute nothing to the board. as I said in the post, that place has gone so far down hill since I’ve been a member (like 6 years now) it has just plunged off the cliff at this point. they kiss the rep’s behind because they want records re-pressed and albums to finally get pressed on vinyl; regardless of the source for the audio, price and other finer point details like quality of the jacket; making sure the album title is properly named/spelled and the cover art is not pixelated. they feel he is doing a service for the “community” as they call it. when in reality he is doing the biding of a giant corporation who only care about the bottom line.


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