Portugal. The Man – Waiter: You Vultures! (German Pressing)

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Vinyl

After obtaining a copy of the German Defiance Records pressing of Waiter: You Vultures! last week my Portugal. The Man collection is finally complete. Keep in mind I don’t collect every single variant of a record, only ones with different artwork, a major difference in jacket style or ones that get pressed on  a different size/format. I missed out on a copy of this record so many times it was frustrating to keep count. But in the end it all worked out, because I wound up getting it cheaper than I would have had I bought it from the Vinyl Collective distro when it was still up and running.

My memory on prices of things is perfect, mainly because I decided to keep a list of the prices I paid for every record in my collection both for insurance purposes and so I know what the lowest I should sell each particular record for if I were to ever sell them so I can at least make my money back on them. I haven’t calculated out what the total amount I have spent on records is, mainly because I’m scared to know the sum. I’m sure it’s a staggering figure though.

I remember Vinyl Collective has sold the German imports of every Portugal. The Man record in different batches. I opted not to buy it the first time they had it up for sale because I felt the price was too high, and at the time I wasn’t trying to obtain a copy of it anyway. This past summer, VC got in more copies or did a full inventory as they were phasing out the distro and found a few extras laying around. They put them up for sale for $35 before shipping, but I scored one off ebay germany for $31 including shipping. I’m feel comfortable with that price because the seller, who I have bought from in the past, actually sells things for cheaper than retail. When you factor in the exchange rate of the Euro and international shipping from Germany, anything under $40 for a LP is a great price.

The pressing info for the German Defiance press of Waiter: You Vultures! is as follows: 500 copies on green and 500 copies on red. Red actually looks more orange or a rust color than red though. The artwork is also different from the U.S. pressing. While the bulk of the artwork between to two pressings is the same, the German press is orange/brown backed and the U.S. press is black. When you look at the photos the difference is obvious. I have a copy on green and there is a little marbling in the record, which I’m not sure is on all the green copies or any of the red copies.

  1. carl says:

    sorry im an idiot you said it in your blog. sorry, you can delete my posts.


  2. carl says:

    email me a link on were to pick this up, i need it!!!!!! money is no problem.


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