Circa Survive – Blue Sky Noise Deluxe Edition

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Vinyl

The deluxe edition of Blue Sky Noise was released in mid January 2011 and was only sold through two outlets; the band’s webstore and Hot Topic. There are major differences between the regular pressing of Blue Sky Noise and the deluxe edition. The regular pressing was pressed as a single LP on colored vinyl while the deluxe edition was pressed as a double LP on 180 gram black vinyl. The regular pressing is housed in a standard jacket while the deluxe edition is housed in a gatefold jacket. The artwork between the two versions is also different, both however, were done by Esao Andrews, who has down the artwork for every Circa Survive release to date.

While the exact number of copies pressed has not been released yet, a source that works for Hot Topic has said it is close to 1,000 copies. It was advertised as a limited release and did sell out in the band’s webstore before the release date, and copies hit physical retail stores a few weeks later, but not every Hot Topic store nation wide. A big complaint about this release was the price point, which was $30.

Usually I can understand the complaints people make about releases, especially the ones revolving around price, but in this case everyone’s complaint about the high price were completely unfounded when you consider one important fact. The regular single LP pressing of Blue Sky Noise cost no less than $18 everywhere, unless there was a sale on it. The original, or suggested retail price of it was $17.99, which if memory serves me right very few if anyone complained about. The deluxe edition which came in better packaging, with a download code for two releases, the full length Blue Sky Noise album and the new Appendage EP and was a double LP, which factored out runs at most $15 per LP. So with that school of thought the deluxe edition was priced fairly with that big factor considered. Of course I would have liked it to be cheaper, but I was not one of the people complaining about the $30 price tag for this release.

Once the deluxe edition was released people still felt the need to complain, and tie it into the price tag. People complained about the quality of the gatefold jacket and the quality of the artwork that was printed on it. Basically saying it doesn’t match or live up to the price. I have no idea what those people think would be better, maybe if the artwork was printed on a solid gold jacket or if the jacket came with keys to a brand new Mercedes inside. Rest assured the jacket is of great, sturdy quality and the artwork is not blurry nor does it look cheaply done. Sure I have jackets that are better, but many, many more gatefold jackets that are cheaper and of worse quality than the jacket for the deluxe edition of Blue Sky Noise.

  1. Michael says:

    Hey can you show me what the inside of the jacket looks like? Does it have any extra pieces of art?


    • Stitches and Grooves says:

      what do you mean by inside? there is already a picture of the gatefold posted (2nd pic). do you mean inside the pockets for the records? if so there is nothing there.


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