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The first round, well the “second” round since the tourney was expanded so everybody feels like a winner after eliminating the play-in games, was a huge bust for me. It’s the worst I’ve ever done with my bracket in the first round. The first day wasn’t so bad, only one game really killed me, but the second day was where I got the bulk of my picks wrong. This is also the first year I did not get at least one region 100% right.

In total I got 10 picks wrong, but luckily most of the country, including people in my pool got the same picks wrong, or at least the same amount if not more. My usual go to teams, the teams I never pick against early, all lost. Villanova, Michigan St and Georgetown all lost. On the bright side of doing so bad in the first round, only one team that lost I had moving the round of 32, so my bracket is not totally screwed yet. I didn’t lose a Final four team in the first round like Michael Wilbon has.

The Southwest Region was my worst, mainly because Louisville and Vanderbilt both lost, so that portion of the bracket is totally off now. I had Louisville in the Sweet 16. This year has been topsy-turvy compared to lost year in terms of my picks. Teams I picked last year as an upset, like Richmond for example, lost in the first round. So this year I didn’t pick Richmond and of course they win. My big first round upset pick this year was Oakland over Texas, and that didn’t happen. I’ve been bad with picking the big upsets lately, but some of the smaller ones, like a 10 over a 7 or a an 11 over a 6 I got right this year.

I picked Marquette over Xavier and got that one right, mainly because of my philosophy in picking. I usually never pick against a Big East team, unless it’s a 16 v 1 or the Big East team clearly has no chance to win. But that philosophy came back to bite me, as St. John’s lost to Gonzaga in an upset of sorts. In the past I rode the Gonzaga band wagon, but this year I chose not to and of course it hurts me.

I also tend not to pick Tech or A&M teams either, but I didn’t like Florida St.’s resume so I went with Texas A&M, and of course they lost. After this year I will go back to never picking an A&M school or a Tech school and also will never pick Vandy ever again, but this is two years in a row in which they lost early.

Going back to how my brackets rank nationally, after the first round I’m in the 41st percentile, which is horrible. Usually I’m at least in the 70’s. And of course there are people who have 31 out of 32 picks right, but those people are the ones who filled out multiple brackets. But even those cheaters still got the Louisville game wrong. I haven’t checked because it’s too complicated to check all the brackets to see who actually got that game right, but I’m willing to bet it’s lower than 5% of the country.

I didn’t post screen caps of my bracket so I have more room to post pictures of records as I get them, but so readers know my Final Four is Ohio St., UCONN, Kansas and Kansas St. I have Ohio St. v Kansas in the championship game with Kansas winning 72-67.


This will be the first and last time I devote an entry just to try to sell something. *I’m going to add this because someone recently contacted me wanting to buy this stuff, but decided to throw a slight tantrum and profanties my way after I discovered he runs a store and would re-sell all this stuff for profit, and I would not sell anything to him as a result. IF YOU RUN ANY KIND OF STORE, ONLINE ONLY OR BRICK & MORTAR, OR INTEND TO RE-SELL THESE RECORDS YOURSELF I WILL NOT SELL THEM TO YOU. At least make an attempt to hide that fact if that may be the case, because I will research you prior to contacting any potential buyer. Know that I can see your email address, IP address and any WordPress blogs you run when you leave a comment. I also have to approve any comments before they go live.*

I’ve had these Grateful Dead and related band/solo project albums for quite a few years now and I have zero desire to keep them or ever listen to them. I came into them from a co-worker who bought a new house and these were in a box in the basement. He had no desire for them either so he was either going to throw them away or give them to me. Even though I don’t like the Grateful Dead, I’d rather not see the records get trashed, so I took them. I want to get rid of these things, but not for 25 cents a piece like my local record store wants to give me for them. I know some of these records are worth more than $1 a piece through some research.

I’m not sure what pressing these albums are, as I believe there were many pressings of all of the Grateful Dead albums over the years. The one thing that is obvious is that these are not recent pressings and they are at least from around the time the albums were initially released. The condition varies from record to record, but all look playable and have no visible scratches or marks. The condition of the jackets also vary, but considering these are probably between 30-to-40 years old at this point, they are in pretty great shape.

Here are the albums I have with detailed photos of all of them below. Grateful Dead: Wake Of The Flood, Workingman’s Dead, Terrapin Station (2 copies), American Beauty, Dead Set, For The Faithful, Reckoning and Go To Heaven. Robert Hunter – Jack O’ Roses. Jerry Garcia – Run For The Roses. Old & In The Way – Old & In The Way. Bob Weir – Heaven Help The Fool. Bobby & The Midnites: Bobby & The Midnites, Where The Beat Meets The Street.  Also, if anyone has any more info for me as to how to tell what pressings these are or anything else useful please leave a comment. I know the center labels and matrix numbers are the key to figuring out the pressings. If interested in anything leave a comment and I’ll get back to you via e-mail.

Let me start off by saying this is hands down the worst packaging I have ever seen for any record, in my collection or otherwise. To be honest I knew very little of this comp prior to winning it on ebay, I only knew it featured a Jimmy Eat World song and pre-Jimmy Eat World bands on it that Jim Adkins was in. Had I known that the packaging was so shitty I wouldn’t have even contemplated bidding on the auction, even though my Jimmy Eat World collection would be incomplete without it. Even for DIY releases, this comp takes the cake, if you happen to bake cakes with horse manure.

Before I get into the specifics of why this is the worst release I’ve ever seen, let’s get down to some pressing info. Only 200 copies of this comp were pressed, it’s long out of print and was released in the early ’90s by a label out of Arizona, Wooden Blue Records. This Jimmy Eat World, “Carbon Scoring” song can only be found on this comp

The “jacket” and I use that term as loosely as possible, is just a plain, stock white jacket that companies use to print real jackets. Not only that, ones I bought to store some test presses I have are thicker and of better quality, and I knew beforehand that the blank stock jackets I ordered solely to store test presses that came with no jacket were cheap all the way around. So that tells you the poor quality of the jacket used for this comp, a real release that was sold to fans.

To top things off, or to put the fly atop the manure pile, there is no legit artwork for this comp. I have never seen anything quite like this before; someone just photocopied however many copies he needed per however many copies of this comp he got pressed (in this case 500)  and pasted them onto the front and back of the jacket to make the “artwork.” And to add further dismay, the “artwork” doesn’t even cover the entire jacket, it’s just pasted, probably with a glue stick I might add, in the middle of the jacket. It’s the same size and thickness as a sheet of regular printer paper. There is also zero color for this “artwork,’ is all black and white.

One bright side for this comp is that it does come with a booklet, not just an insert. But even with that one little bright spot peeking through, there is a huge flaw with it. The booklet is the kind of thing that is handed out as a program for school plays and concerts. You know the kind, something the school secretary printed out in the main office and stapled together to make it into a booklet that easily fits into a back pocket or purse. This booklet is also done in black and white and was mass photo copied, much like the “artwork” for this comp.

On to the actually record; the center labels also are stock most likely. As in they are whatever the pressing plant had lying around as left overs or something they wanted to get rid of. There is no writing, logos, band names, nothing except for a few stars. The record also sounds like ass, but hey, at least the record did come in a dust sleeve

I’m fully aware of DIY releases and I have many DIY records in my collection that aren’t of the highest quality, but compared to this disaster they look like masterpieces. From the looks of things corners were cut and costs were kept to a bare bones minimum with this comp.

The final icing on this steam manure pile that is now 10 stories high is the moron who is still selling this comp on ebay doesn’t know how to ship LP’s properly, as my copy showed up with the biggest/longest seam split I have ever seen. It stretches the entire length of the bottom of the jacket, so essentially there are two opening where I could take the record out. Amazingly the bottom corner held together, otherwise the jacket would just be a giant flap that opened up like a mis-folded pizza box. I expected some damage to the record when I saw how it was shipped, just sandwiched between to pieces of cardboard taped together, but nothing that severe. When I contacted the seller to display my displeasure with his horrendous shipping job and to explain to him how to properly ship records so the next fellow who buys something from him doesn’t have the same thing happen to them, I was met with meager response. Kind of like a shrug of the shoulders. He definitely didn’t hede my advice, well instructions really, bit did ask if I wanted a replacement jacket or a refund. I responded with which ever is easiest for you, and a few minutes later I was issued a full refund, no more questions asked or exchanged messages. From that I took that he’s fully aware that he ships records poorly and doesn’t care about it, but he does care about his reputation because he told me not to leave negative or neutral feedback and didn’t even give me a legit, official refund. He just sent me the total cost as a direct paypal payment, most likely so ebay wouldn’t have any record he had to give a refund. I won’t mention the seller’s name, but he is the only person selling this comp on ebay and has been selling copies for about a month now, so be warned about how he ships things.

On one hand I got the record for free, but my copy’s jacket is still completely jacket up and I’m still less than impressed with the release as a whole. Personally I would be embarrassed if I ever released something like this or had any sort of hand in the project at any point. A burnt CD-R with the band’s name and title written on it would have been better, because that way you know the band isn’t trying to do something fancy or pass it off as a legit release.

This is one of Jimmy Eat World’s earliest releases, if not the earliest. It was released in the early ’90s and was self-released. This 7″ is not to be confused with their self-titled 10″ and CD released by Fueled By Ramen or the self-titled album released by Wooden Blue records. They are three totally separate releases and feature different songs.

There are at least three different covers for this 7″ that I am aware of, all of which I have. They are all similar in that they are made of grey/brown card stock that is quarter folded in the back and feature a photograph taped to the cover and a very small photograph taped to the back. The three different covers feature a different photograph both on the front and back.

Unfortunately there is no pressing info for any of their records listed in their official discography on their website, and the band doesn’t remember exactly how many copies they made. They could only give me a ballpark number, which was no more than 1,000 for each cover. All versions/covers of this 7″ are long out of print and there was only one pressing of each one made. They were all pressed on white  vinyl. For the photo set below, the back of each jacket is next to/after its respective cover.

Bush – Everything Zen 12″ & 7″

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Vinyl

One of the many Bush 12″ singles that have been released, many however, are solely DJ singles though. This one is for “Everything Zen,” the first track and first single off of Bush’s debut album, Sixteen Stone. This single contains an exclusive b-side track, “Bud.” There is also the video/radio edit of “Everything Zen” as well, which isn’t drastically different from the album version. In 2012 Bush released a 7″ version of “Everything Zen” on white vinyl that is exclusive to their webstore. The track listing is different, as the 7″ features a different b-side track than the 12″ version. The b-side on the 7″ is a demo version of “Swallowed.”

I have no idea how many copies were pressed of the 12″ or 7″. Tons of the 12″ version were given away as promo records to get the band airplay in America, even though they weren’t really popular in their homeland at the time. Some promo copies have a sticker on the back of the sleeve denoting the fact, others have the bar code scratched and some have both. There are a few legit pressings of the single, but most copies floating around were promo copies at one point. My copy is one of the promos with just a sticker on the back, which easily peeled off over 15 years from the date it was first put on.

Thursday – Doves 10″

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Vinyl

This record is hands down the hardest to come by or rarest, whichever term you prefer, Thursday record ever pressed. The Doves 10″ was a fan club only release, and was only sent to members of Thursday’s fan club, which was called the Doves Club. After hearing that it’s obvious where the name of the record comes from. The record contains some new, rare and unreleased songs that can only be found on this record. For the track listing look at the photo below.

This record is also the first and only 10″ released by Thursday to date. All copies were pressed on blue vinyl and were limited to 250 copies, with each one being hand numbered on the back of the jacket. The packaging for the record is pretty bland, as you will see from the photos below. The numbering also looks like it was done in either pencil or very very fine Sharpie. I don’t want to ruin it by checking to see if it was actually done in pencil.

After reading those first two paragraphs you might be saying to yourself this is not the rarest Thursday record pressed. While it’s true some color variants of Full Collapse are rarer in terms of numbers pressed, they do pop up for sale on message boards and ebay pretty often. I have only seen this 10″ up for sale twice, both times on ebay. In fact, I have only seen photos of this record once prior to myself finally getting the record in my hands, and I saw those photos months after these records were sent out.

Now for some more background on this record. As mentioned earlier it was a fan club only release. Some time in 2009 Thursday announced plans for a new, revamped fan club. It was to be called the Doves Club and members were treated to early entry into shows, exclusive pre-sales for tickets to all of their tours, access to exclusive b-sides, demos, live tracks, acoustic version, etc and this 10″ record. Members had to pay a $50 sign up fee, which many fans scoffed at, myself included. To be honest, the only reason I was slightly interested in joining the fan club was this 10″. Since this 10″ is numbered out of 250 copies, logic would state that only 250 memberships were sold, but I have a feeling that way more than 250 memberships were sold, which raises some concerns.

I doubt that less than 250 were sold, because copies of this record were never put up for sale to the general public and if the band or their management were sitting on unsold records, they were most likely want the money selling them at some point. My feelings for more than 250 copies being sold is that some people who joined the club never received copies of the record. If that’s truly the case, then either they were lost in the mail or the records were only sent out to the first 250 subscribers to the fan club.

Another slight issue surrounding the Doves Club and this record was that it took forever for this 10″ to actually be pressed and shipped out to members. It took close to a year if not longer for them to be pressed and shipped out. While there was no promise made as when to expect the records or any sort of release date given, a year or more to release something that was already planned for is a bit ridiculous. Many fans that signed up began to question whether the record would ever be pressed let alone given out to members, then lo and behold, members around the country started getting mysterious packages at their door steps with these records inside without any sort of notification or indication that these were ready and shipping out.

Now back to how I obtained this record. As mentioned above I;ve only seen it twice on ebay since the record was released over a year ago now. Both times they sold for more than what it actually cost to sign up for a membership to the Doves Club, which was $50. The first, if I remember correctly sold for $75 and the second sold for over $100. Typically I do not like spending that much on any record regardless of where i get the money from, but this was a huge exception to my policy mainly because I will likely never see another one up for sale again and it’s the only record I need to keep my Thursday collection complete. What justified it even more was that my out-of-pocket expense on this record was only $15, far below what it would have cost me to join the Doves Club. Which is huge because I had no desire or use for any of the other garbage that come with membership to the fan club.If you think I’m a sucker for spending over $100 on record regardless of where I got the money from, consider this; I raised the over $85 in funds that covered the bulk of the cost in less than a week by selling a whole bunch of  various band related merch I got for free to even bigger suckers.

This is the last 7″ that will be released from Chad Gilbert’s side/solo project, What’s Eating Gilbert. At least until he records more material. The three 7″ records he released so far only encompasses the initial batch of songs he recorded and had sitting on a shelf until Epitaph decided there was enough demand and/or interest in the songs to give them a physical release. Gilbert is an avid record collector himself and has a very impressive collection, so I’m willing to bet he jumped at the chance to have songs he wrote for his first solo project be pressed on vinyl.

The one things that stands out the most about this 7″ is the color choices used. The first two What’s Eating Gilbert records released were pressed on the same two colors; yellow and red. But this one, the final one in the series, was pressed on translucent blue and translucent green. I heard that Epitaph originally planned to have the second 7″ in the series pressed on different colors, and the plan for the entire series was to have them all be on different colors, and the reasoning for keeping the second record on yellow on red was because of pressing plant delays. The plant had a huge back log on the colors Epitaph originally wanted but somehow there wasn’t a big enough demand for the colors used for the first 7″ and the plant could press all the records quicker if these colors were used since there was batches of pellets just sitting around. The center labels are also different on this 7″ than the one on the first two.

If that is the case, personally I would have pressed this third and final 7″ on yellow and red, just to keep things uniform coherent amongst the series. Also the colors pictured on the web store for this 7″ are nowhere close to what they actually look like in person. The store’s page has the blue looking like a light sky blue, but they are actually darker and more of a true blue, or royal blue. But at least they are translucent.

The pressing numbers for this third and final 7″ are the same as the first two in the series, split to 300 and 700 copies per color, with translucent blue being limited to 300 copies and translucent green limited to 700 copies. And as usual a download code is sent out immediately after purchase via e-mail.