What’s Eating Gilbert – What I’d Do 7″

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Vinyl
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This is the last 7″ that will be released from Chad Gilbert’s side/solo project, What’s Eating Gilbert. At least until he records more material. The three 7″ records he released so far only encompasses the initial batch of songs he recorded and had sitting on a shelf until Epitaph decided there was enough demand and/or interest in the songs to give them a physical release. Gilbert is an avid record collector himself and has a very impressive collection, so I’m willing to bet he jumped at the chance to have songs he wrote for his first solo project be pressed on vinyl.

The one things that stands out the most about this 7″ is the color choices used. The first two What’s Eating Gilbert records released were pressed on the same two colors; yellow and red. But this one, the final one in the series, was pressed on translucent blue and translucent green. I heard that Epitaph originally planned to have the second 7″ in the series pressed on different colors, and the plan for the entire series was to have them all be on different colors, and the reasoning for keeping the second record on yellow on red was because of pressing plant delays. The plant had a huge back log on the colors Epitaph originally wanted but somehow there wasn’t a big enough demand for the colors used for the first 7″ and the plant could press all the records quicker if these colors were used since there was batches of pellets just sitting around. The center labels are also different on this 7″ than the one on the first two.

If that is the case, personally I would have pressed this third and final 7″ on yellow and red, just to keep things uniform coherent amongst the series. Also the colors pictured on the web store for this 7″ are nowhere close to what they actually look like in person. The store’s page has the blue looking like a light sky blue, but they are actually darker and more of a true blue, or royal blue. But at least they are translucent.

The pressing numbers for this third and final 7″ are the same as the first two in the series, split to 300 and 700 copies per color, with translucent blue being limited to 300 copies and translucent green limited to 700 copies. And as usual a download code is sent out immediately after purchase via e-mail.


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