Bush – Everything Zen 12″ & 7″

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Vinyl

One of the many Bush 12″ singles that have been released, many however, are solely DJ singles though. This one is for “Everything Zen,” the first track and first single off of Bush’s debut album, Sixteen Stone. This single contains an exclusive b-side track, “Bud.” There is also the video/radio edit of “Everything Zen” as well, which isn’t drastically different from the album version. In 2012 Bush released a 7″ version of “Everything Zen” on white vinyl that is exclusive to their webstore. The track listing is different, as the 7″ features a different b-side track than the 12″ version. The b-side on the 7″ is a demo version of “Swallowed.”

I have no idea how many copies were pressed of the 12″ or 7″. Tons of the 12″ version were given away as promo records to get the band airplay in America, even though they weren’t really popular in their homeland at the time. Some promo copies have a sticker on the back of the sleeve denoting the fact, others have the bar code scratched and some have both. There are a few legit pressings of the single, but most copies floating around were promo copies at one point. My copy is one of the promos with just a sticker on the back, which easily peeled off over 15 years from the date it was first put on.


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