Jimmy Eat World – s/t 7″ (All Covers)

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Vinyl

This is one of Jimmy Eat World’s earliest releases, if not the earliest. It was released in the early ’90s and was self-released. This 7″ is not to be confused with their self-titled 10″ and CD released by Fueled By Ramen or the self-titled album released by Wooden Blue records. They are three totally separate releases and feature different songs.

There are at least three different covers for this 7″ that I am aware of, all of which I have. They are all similar in that they are made of grey/brown card stock that is quarter folded in the back and feature a photograph taped to the cover and a very small photograph taped to the back. The three different covers feature a different photograph both on the front and back.

Unfortunately there is no pressing info for any of their records listed in their official discography on their website, and the band doesn’t remember exactly how many copies they made. They could only give me a ballpark number, which was no more than 1,000 for each cover. All versions/covers of this 7″ are long out of print and there was only one pressing of each one made. They were all pressed on white  vinyl. For the photo set below, the back of each jacket is next to/after its respective cover.

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