Circa Survive – Appendage EP (Record Store Day 2011 pressing)

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Vinyl

Many fans were frustrated that the Appendage EP was not included on the Deluxe Edition of Blue Sky Noise. Many people misunderstood that the digital download code included deluxe edition of BSN is also for the Appendage EP for that the Appendage EP is pressed on one of the actual records. How people could read that info, gather that this EP is pressed on the d-side of the record, then be pissed and whine about it when it’s not actually on it is beyond me. But from past encounters it’s always the people who are wrong who are the loudest and the first to complain.

After all that got sorted out, even though it really shouldn’t have needed to get sorted out, the Appendage EP was eventually pressed on its own. But there is still some confusion that many people still don’t have right about something Circa Survive record related and either refuse to admit it or don’t want believe what is actually happening.

The Appendage EP was first announced to be a Record Store Day 2011 exclusive with only 2,000 copies pressed on Oxblood colored vinyl. Then it was later announced that it would be sold on the band’s upcoming tour and that 3,000 copies were pressed. This is where the confusion began. Only 2,000 copies were sold on Record Store Day and another 1,000 will be sold either on tour or through the band’s webstore. Some people think there are 5,000 copies total being pressed, which is not the case; adding the first 2,000 to another 3,000 copies. Some people think 3,000 copies were sold on Record Store Day, which is also not the case.

What is the case is that a total of 3,000 copies of this EP were pressed, with 2,000 of those copies being sold on Record Store Day and the remaining 1,000 copies going to the band to sell on tour or through their webstore. The Record Store Day copies could be viewed as its own pressing entirely and the copies left over as its own pressing. The Record Store Day copies come with an RSD exclusive sticker on the front of the jacket and the other ones will not.

The Oxblood color is a shade of red, and it’s one of the more unique colors I’ve ever seen. It’s opaque and not clear and it doesn’t really match any creature’s blood at any stage of existence. But it does match the album artwork pretty well. All copies for RSD also come with an insert.


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