Foo Fighters – Medium Rare (1st Press)

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Vinyl

Medium Rare was released as a Record Store Day 2011 release and it has pretty much sold out. Some stores may still have copies but don’t expect them to hang around much longer. Even though Medium Rare is not limited to an insanely low number and it was never announced that it would be limited in any way, people who did not get their hands on one are shelling out close to double the retail price on ebay.

The album is a 13 song cover album and has a few songs that have not been released up to this point. Several of the songs on this album were released as b-sides on earlier singles. I have not had a chance to listen to the entire record yet, but the few songs I have heard are not live versions. Rather than post the track listing, I will post a photo of the back of the jacket where the track listing appears. The artwork for Medium Rare is also one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s clever and fits the title perfectly. The record comes in a paper dust sleeve, but just like with Wasting Light, a double-sided, full color photo dust sleeve is also included. The liner notes are printed on this dust sleeve. All copies were pressed on black vinyl, and even the center labels go along the title of the album perfectly. The entire layout of this release was well thought out.

Medium Rare was very likely re-pressed sometime in 2015 as Foo Fighters are selling copies of it at their pop up shops in the various cities on their current tour, typically 30 copies per day in some cases. Some pop up shops are opened for several days leading up to the show in that respective city, while others are only open for one day. There have been four pop up shops so far and there will likely be more. Considering this was released four years ago, I doubt there were this many copies leftover after. One more thing, they are selling these for $30 at the pop up shops, which is $10 more than what it originally cost on RSD back in 2011.


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