Nirvana – Incesticide (ORG re-issue & 20th Anniversary Edition)

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Vinyl

Incesticide is the last studio album to be released by Nirvana, even though it’s a compilation album, and the latest to be re-pressed by ORG, the Original Recording Group. I have no idea how many copies were pressed from the ORG re-press. As with ORG’s previous Nirvana re-presses, all copies of Incesticide are pressed on 180 gram vinyl. I’m pretty sure they did a limited color run, which was limited to 4,000 copies. I don’t remember what color it was pressed on though. This re-press is being kept in print on 180 gram black vinyl as well.

The price tag is pretty steep on this, it retails for at least $30, but there is no other way to guarantee you get a legit pressing of this album, as Nirvana stuff is one of the heaviest bootlegged in the world. Anyone with a first pressing of any Nirvana album will want more than $30 anyway, and most use these $30 ORG re-presses as leverage in their negotiating or ebay prices.

Keeping with ORG’s trend in Nirvana re-presses, these copies of Incesticide were mastered for this pressing from the original tapes by legendary sound engineer Bernie Grundman. I have nothing to compare this re-press to in term of sound quality, but it does sound great.

For  2012 Black Friday Record Store Day there was a 20th Anniversary edition of Incesiticide released. It was pressed as a double LP on 200 gram black vinyl, and was mastered at 45 rpm. There were 4000 copies pressed, with each copy being individually numbered on the back of the gatefold jacket in gold foil stamping. Prices for this were ridiculously high, $50 in most cases, and as a result copies can still be found in a lot of record stores around the country. I bought my copy in late January 2013 at a marked down price, plus I had a buyer’s club discount applied as well so I got it even cheaper.


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