The Frustrators – Griller 7″ (Mail-order & Record Store Day ’11 Variants)

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Vinyl

I was holding off on posting about this 7″ till after I got the mail-order version of it in the mail even though I already had the Record Store day version in my hands, so here it is. The Frustrators are a bay area punk band, with their most notable member being Mike Dirnt, the bassist for Green Day. This is their first 7″, entitled Griller. Griller is also the band’s first new material in over eight years. Prior to this 7″ EP the band has released one 10″ EP and one full length. There are three variants to this 7″, two of which are getting harder and harder to track down.

Griller has a mail-order version, a Record Store Day 2011 version and a regular version. The mail-order version features a different cover than the other two version and there were only 100 copies of this variant pressed, all on clear with black swirl/smoke vinyl. The Record Store Day 2011 variant was press on red vinyl and was limited to 200 copies. The RSD version also comes in a poly sleeve with a Dr. Strange Records Record Store Day sticker on the front. The regular variant was pressed on black vinyl and was limited to 650 copies. This variant is widely available through most retail outlets. The RSD and regular variants feature the same artwork, but it is different from the artwork for the mail-order version. all copies come with the same double-sided insert however. There is also a CD version of Griller, which features entirely its own unique artwork.

Some of the finer details of the two exclusive variants need further explaining. The mail-order version was not available through mail-order only, as 50 of the 100 copies were given to the band to sell at one of their four California shows earlier this year. The 50 remaining copies that were available through mail-order were only available through Dr. Strange Records. The Record Store Day version was not widely available on RSD, it was one of a handful of regional releases. The regions this 7″ was available in was never published, but stores along the East coast, some in and around the New York City area, along with several stores in California were confirmed to get copies in. Dr. Strange Records also sold a few copies online through their webstore that became available early on Record Store Day and have since sold out. As of writing this copies of the mail-order version were still available, so don’t pay $20 or more for it on ebay as Dr. Strange is selling it for $6.90 before shipping.


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