Ninja Gun – Roman Nose

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Vinyl

Roman Nose is the latest EP released by Ninja Gun and first new material to be released on their new label, Sabot Productions. The EP was pressed as a 12″ on two color variants; white and black. As is the case with most Sabot releases, the colored variant in the more limited one. Keeping with tradition pressing info has yet to be released by Sabot. When I pre-ordered the record the first day they went up there were just under 200 white copies and over 500 black copies left. Sabot finally announced the pressing info, very late I might add as they put up the numbers for the latest Against Me! 7″ that came out in June before the info on this EP. The official numbers are 299 copies on white and unlimited on black. The artwork for this EP is my favorite for 2011 so far.

One unique thing about this record is that it one of, if not the first 12″ record to feature a punch out center. This type of center label/spindle hole design is usually reserved for 7″s. Hats off to Sabot for coming up with this new idea and to United Record Pressing for being able to press such something like this. Something else I haven’t seen before that is featured with this record is that inside of the jacket is printed with a design. So again hats off to Sabot for being willing to do something new and different with each of their releases.


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