Green Day – Awesome As F**k

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Vinyl

Green Day’s second and latest live album was released earlier this year and was pressed on 180 gram pink vinyl. It was released by Billie Joe Armstrong’s label, Adeline. It is obvious what the actual title of this album is, but so my blog doesn’t get flagged as adult content, I purposely starred out two of the letters in one particular word. This was also done on the cover and spine of the actual release as well for similar reasons. For the typical idiots who always cry on the internet “that’s not punk rock” whenever Green Day does anything these days, especially with censoring this album title, the insert found inside the record has the uncensored title of the album in giant bolded letters, which I am censoring out for this post for the above stated reason.

Adeline has not released pressing info for this album and they probably never will. Expect this to stay in print for a long time. At least until demand for it dies completely.

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