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Posted: July 26, 2011 in Vinyl

A few people have asked “Why aren’t you on Twitter?” Well after mulling it over, and Facebook wouldn’t let me create an account for my blog with the name I Wanted, I decided to do the whole Twitter thing. Considering I don’t even have a personal Twitter account this is odd step for me to take. So for the people who wanted tweets for every update I make so they can check the blog when there’s an update on a record or band they are into, you got your wish.

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After a slight delay I finally received my pre-order for Alkaline Trio’s new acoustic album Damnesia, and I’m far from impressed. It’s obvious Epitaph cut corners in some places with this. The records themselves are some of the lightest weight and flimsiest pieces of garbage I’ve ever seen. I’m actually surprised they survived the USPS and arrived in one piece. The dust sleeves each record comes in are so thin you can see through it without the record inside. I’ve used thicker coffee filters. These dust sleeves are probably one step above paper mache’.

Since this album was too big to fit on a single LP Epitaph was forced to press this as a double LP. And since only three sides were needed they decided to put an etching on the d-side, which is something they have been doing lately. The etching is Alkaline Trio’s heart and skull logo, but it is just the outline. It’s the least detailed outline I’ve seen. They just etched away  huge swaths of the record, so unless you actually know what Alkaline Trio’s logo is you might not know what the etching is of. The etching is also not straight on my copy and there is a weird haze in it, as if it wasn’t done entirely before the pulled it off the line. The center label is also not on straight, it’s facing the side instead of the bottom. All that  is most likely the plant’s fault though and not Epitaph being cheap.

One bright spot is that the record is housed in a gatefold jacket instead of being jammed into one of those giant jacket that can fit multiple LP’s. This also comes with a copy of the CD instead of a digital download code, so you do get another physical copy with this for your money.

The pressing info for this is as follows; 500 copies of beer brown, 500 copies on yellow, 500 on clear and an unknown amount on black. The three colors will be the only limited variants for this record, and each was exclusive to a certain retailer. Brown copies were Kings Road Merch (Epitaph’s webstore provider), yellow was/is an exclusive through the band’s webstore and is currently being sold on tour, and clear copies are a Hot Topic exclusive. The only color variant sold out is brown.

There seems to be some confusion and gripes with the yellow copies. People seemed to get upset when the band was selling copies on tour, thinking they would only be sold online through the band’s webstore. Why get mad about that is beyond me. When the yellow copies were first put up for pre-order the page stated about half would be sold online and the other half would be given to the band to sell on tour. One thing of note about the “beer” brown copies is that they look nothing like beer. So beer was a bad way to describe the color. The color more closely resemble soda/pop/cola. The sticker on the front of the jacket even said “cola.” There is a slight marbling in the records too on top of it being transparent. It does match the artwork the best though, which is why I went with it.

V/A – The Big One comp

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Vinyl
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This is an interesting comp that features California bands. One side is devoted to San Francisco/Northern California bands and the other side is devoted to Los Angeles/Southern California bands. For this record there is no a-side or b-side. The notes for this comp give the reason for this as to avoid favoritism to one area. Included with this comp is a zine insert, with one page devoted to each band on the comp. The zine is printed two different ways and is meant to be read from each cover. Half the zine is read one way and is devoted to the bands for one area, and when you get to the middle to have to flip the zine in order to read it.

Another interesting thing about this comp is that each side of the cover is different, again devoted to one area, either SanFran or LA. The artwork is different on each side and it features something unique to each other. The NoCal side features Redwood trees and the Socal side features a map of the San Andreas fault. The center labels of the record also read either NoCal or SoCal instead of A or B. All copies were pressed on black vinyl and I do not know the pressing info for it.

This comp was released by Too Many Records, which was formerly known as Very Small Records before changing their name back to Very Small, then slowly started phasing out physical production of their catalog prior to folding in 2006. The pressing I have is a re-press of the original pressing released in 1989 with some subtle differences.

There are two pressings of this 10″ comp. There were a total of 3,812 copies pressed for the  first pressing, which was split amongst black and various other colors, many splatters. I think red, green and purple were the main colors used amongst the aforementioned various colors. I have not seen definitive numbers on how many copies were pressed on each color. This is a perfect example of why not to trust discogs for pressing info or fine print details about releases. For this release discogs says there were 486 copies pressed on black and 1,026 copies on colored vinyl. So discogs, what happened to the unaccounted for 2300 copies? The first press also includes a zine, which includes liner notes and a little background info on each band featured on the comp. Another key note of the first press is that the paper jacket features four panels that fold out into a poster forming the full artwork, not two one-sided panels like the 2nd pressing has. For the second pressing 2300 copies were pressed, all on black vinyl.

The second pressing was only pressed on black vinyl, which is limited to 2300 copies. The second pressing has a two panel fold out sleeve. The image of the guy on the cover is the same between the first and second pressings.

Here’s the deal; lately I’ve been getting about five comments a day asking if I will sell a record and it’s getting a bit annoying and very tedious deleting and marking them as spam. Bottom line is I am not selling the vast majority of my collection and probably never will. The few things I want to sell I have made note of it in the entry for that particular record. So if you do not see it mentioned in the entry, then I will not sell it. So don’t leave a comment asking if I will sell something. It will only get deleted and marked as spam so any future comments you leave I won’t even see. Quit wasting both my time and yours. To the person asking if I will sell a certain record every couple of days with different email addresses (you know who you are) cut it out.

Not sure how many copies of this 7″ were pressed, but all copies were presses as a picture disc housed in a picture disc sleeve that is sealed with a sticker. This was the only piece missing from my AAR collection and I was finally able to track one down in ebay for less than retail price.