V/A – Make The Collector Nerd Sweat 10″ (2nd Press)

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Vinyl
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This comp was released by Too Many Records, which was formerly known as Very Small Records before changing their name back to Very Small, then slowly started phasing out physical production of their catalog prior to folding in 2006. The pressing I have is a re-press of the original pressing released in 1989 with some subtle differences.

There are two pressings of this 10″ comp. There were a total of 3,812 copies pressed for the  first pressing, which was split amongst black and various other colors, many splatters. I think red, green and purple were the main colors used amongst the aforementioned various colors. I have not seen definitive numbers on how many copies were pressed on each color. This is a perfect example of why not to trust discogs for pressing info or fine print details about releases. For this release discogs says there were 486 copies pressed on black and 1,026 copies on colored vinyl. So discogs, what happened to the unaccounted for 2300 copies? The first press also includes a zine, which includes liner notes and a little background info on each band featured on the comp. Another key note of the first press is that the paper jacket features four panels that fold out into a poster forming the full artwork, not two one-sided panels like the 2nd pressing has. For the second pressing 2300 copies were pressed, all on black vinyl.

The second pressing was only pressed on black vinyl, which is limited to 2300 copies. The second pressing has a two panel fold out sleeve. The image of the guy on the cover is the same between the first and second pressings.


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