The Killers – Sam’s Town (1st Press)

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Vinyl

I finally got around to picking up The Killers’ sophomore album, Sam’s Town. It was pressed as a picture disc, and it starts the trend of the bulk of Killers vinyl releases being pressed as picture discs, mainly their singles. Prior to this album they released zero picture discs.

Pressing info was never released, but all of The Killers vinyl releases are getting harder to find. They may be close to going out of print. But the only album of theirs to officially go out of print is Hot Fuss. The Sam’s Town release comes housed in a picture disc sleeve and comes with a fold out poster that doubles as liner notes.

There is some confusion as to whether or not there are actually two different pressing of Sam’s Town. I am leaning towards two separate pressings based on the time frame of when they were released. What I am dubbing the first pressing, and is featured here, has a black rim around the edge of the picture disc. These were the first batch released in 2006. Some years later, not exactly sure when, copies with a red rim started popping up. The matrix numbers, bar codes and all other identifying marks are the same between the black rim and red rim copies. Both variants also come with the same packaging, poster and hype sticker.


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