Panic! At The Disco/Fun. – C’mon split 7″

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Vinyl
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Fueled By Ramen really dropped the ball with how they handled this 7″. There are two different versions of this 7″, the Panic! At The Disco version and the Fun. version. Each is pressed on a different color and comes with different cover art. Each version is limited to 500 copies a piece. The Panic! At The Disco version was pressed on clear vinyl and features a robot on the cover and the Fun. version was pressed on clear orange/gold vinyl and features a tiger on the cover. Originally people thought this was a one-sided 7″, which is partly true. While there is music n the b-side, it is just the title track in reverse. The song featured is “C’mon,” which is a joint effort between Panic! At The Disco and Fun. These were sold online, but the bulk of the pressing was meant as tour exclusive record and was made specially for the Panic! At The Disco and Fun. tour during the spring/summer of 2011.

When these first came out people had the option to buy two copies from the Fueled By Ramen store, but did not have an option or choice as to whether or not they would get both versions of the 7″. From what I gathered from people complaining on message board, most people who ordered two copies received two copies of the same version, not one of each which they hoped for. That is messed up and should never have happened. Customers should have been able to select which version they wanted and even if they couldn’t, a person ordering two copies should have received both versions. It’s as if the people filling orders went out of their way and purposely sent someone two identical copies. Since each version was limited to the same amount, there should be no discrepancies with how many copies of either version were left or one version running lower than the other from people ordering two copies. If anything giving someone two identical versions will deplete the pressing faster.

The pricing of these records also came under much criticism. Fueled By Ramen was charging $7 for what is essentially a 7″ that only has one song, and on top of it they were charging $7 for shipping to anywhere in the U.S. So in all these would run a person at least $14, for just one song. I was able to snag a copy of both versions for less than the price of one from the FBR store thanks to ebay. On tour theses were being sold for $15, and from what I gathered from message boards they were being very stingy with how many they were selling them on tour. In some instances selling a small amount, like five total per show or even none at all claiming they were sold out. Which later turned out to be not true at all since the leftover copies that were not sold on tour were put back up for purchase online in FBR’s webstore.


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