Aficionado – s/t (Regular & Subscription Cover)

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Vinyl

Aficionado’s debut full length is self-titled and was released by No Sleep Records in August. The vinyl version of the album was delayed for a few weeks due to plant delays, but most places should be shipping them out by now. The record was pressed on three different colors, white, yellow and black, all limited to 500 copies each. There is also a No Sleep Records subscription club version of this album, which features a different cover, with the album art being completely different. The subscription copies were limited to 30 copies and were all hand numbered on the front of the jacket. I believe all subsciption copies were on white vinyl.

The only way of getting a subscription exclusive copy, outside of ebay or buying/trading it from someone, was to pay for one of the many 2011 No Sleep Records subscription tier options, which included all 12″ releases, all 7″ and 12″ releases or every release on every format No Sleep put out in 2011. Personally I like their EP better than the full length album as there is not a bad song on the EP. But comparing EP’s to albums is not the fairest thing to do based on the run times and/or the amount of songs.


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