Against Me! – White Crosses/Black Crosses (1st Press)

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Vinyl

Keeping the trend of releasing the demos from their albums, Against Me! released Black Crosses earlier in the summer on CD and digitally, but the vinyl version of the album was delayed for about a month and did not ship until the first week of September. Black Crosses contains demos and acoustic versions of some of the songs on White Crosses, and all the bonus tracks from White Crosses, which were not included on the vinyl version of the sole release of the album, are included on this White Crosses/Black Crosses version. The only way to get Black Crosses was to buy another copy of White Crosses, if you already owned White Crosses that is. This is the first official release on the band’s own label, Total Treble. The albums were released together in one package, with the vinyl version being a triple LP housed in a tri-fold jacket.

Instead of a traditional gatefold jacket, the jacket for White Crosses/Black Crosses opens, well folds out into three panels, with one record being housed under each panel. The pockets for each record are not sealed and they open from each end. To accompany the vinyl version of the album, a 32 page booklet is attached to the center panel of the jacket. The booklet contains lyrics to every song, even though they are kind of scribbled for the most part. A lot of the artwork is taken from the packaging of the first release of White Crosses, including the cover. Despite the fact that Black Crosses does have its own cover art, it is found nowhere in/on the vinyl version.

As with most Against Me! releases of late, there was a limited color variant for White Crosses/Black Crosses, which was the first record on white, the second on red and the third on clear. Each color corresponds to one of the colors used for the various pressing of the sole release of White Crosses. There were 250 copies on colored vinyl, which surprisingly did not sell out quickly. I believe it took over 1 day for it to sell out, mainly because quite a few people did not buy this because they already owned White Crosses. There is also an undetermined amount pressed on black vinyl, with the pressing info not announced because the album(s) will be kept in print on black for the time being. No word on whether or not the sole release of White Crosses will be kept in print or not.

I believe at the time this is posted Stitches and Grooves is the first place to have full, detailed photos of all aspects of White Crosses/Black Crosses. I would be the first to have any photos anywhere, but some idiot on a message board who nearly tore the booklet out of the jacket and just laid the records down on top of each other on their dining room table beat me to the punch.

In mid 2015 a re-press of White Crosses/Black Crosses was released on clear with red splatter vinyl. This is the second pressing, and the pressing info has not yet been released. Unlike the first pressing, all three records are pressed on the same color. The first press, which this entry is devoted to, was pressed on white/red/clear vinyl.


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