Larry And His Flask – All That We Know

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Vinyl

One of my most anticipated albums this year was Larry And His Flask’s All The We Know. It’s the band’s debut full length on Silver Sprocket and if I’m not mistaken first release with a label’s backing. The tunes are in the same vein as their s/t 7″, for those of you familiar with that release if you’re not familiar with their older material. I think they knocked it out of the park with this album and it has everything you’d expect from these bearded fellows.

All That We Know was pressed on three colors, with a slight mixup from the plant than what was initially advertised and wanted by Silver Sprocket. When pre-orders first went live Silver Sprocket announced that there would be 290 copies on blue/green swirl, 600 copies on blue and 999 copies on green. The green and blue copies ran into no problems, but the plant screwed up with the blue/green swirl, pressing the wrong color and fewer copies. What Silver Sprocket received was 280 copies of a turquoise/light blue, not a swirl at all as it is one solid color. Which, even though the label announced the error in color, it was later changed again to be creme a few months later. So at this point I have no idea what that particular variant is supposed to look like, as I have never seen pictures of it and the label keeps changing the color.

The three colors were also only available through certain packages or outlets, with the now light blue/creme only being available through a deluxe package deal from Silver Sprocket that included the CD version of the album, a few stickers, and an engraved flask with the band’s log. The flask is currently available for purchase by itself, so either the package deal did not sell well or more than 290 flasks were made. The blue copies were only available through indie record stores and Interpunk, although Interpunk has yet to even put copies of this album on vinyl up for sale. Green copies were available from Silver Sprocket and everywhere other than Interpunk or indie stores.


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