Sainthood Reps – No Hope/Monoculture b/w Telemarketeer 7″ (Monoculture promo)

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Vinyl

Sainthood Reps’ mos notable member is Derrick Sherman of Brand New. This 7″ was only available through select indie record stores to people who bought Sainthood Rep’s debut album, Monoculture. There is possibly an exclusive b-side on this 7″ entitled “No Hope,” which is actually on the a-side of the record. Either that or there is a misprint on the labels and the song “Monoculture” is on the a-side. As I have yet to play this 7″ I do not know for sure, once I get around to playing it I will update this entry. Since this is a promo pressing info was never released.

Fans of Brand New should check out Sainthood Reps, as some songs draw influence from some of Brand New’s latest material, nothing in the vein of Your Favorite Weapon. Jesse Lacey even lends vocals to one song, “Holiday Makers.” There is also a hints of Nirvana thrown into the album too. So if you want to hear what a grungier and heavier Brand New would sound like check out Sainthood Reps. The one downside of the album is that is seems lost between wanting to be two different sounding bands, in Brand New and Nirvana, instead of either blending both together or taking one and running with it.

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