The Network – Money Money 2020 (1st Press)

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Vinyl
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The Network is another secret Green Day side project that is not much of a secret. When the album was released it was speculated that much of the songs were originally written as Green Day songs and some songs were possible slightly re-worked versions of songs that were intended to be on Green Day’s stolen album, “Cigarettes and Valentines.” The album is a departure from typical Green Day though, as it sounds very much like a Devo album. If it wasn’t for Billie Joe’s unmistakable voice this could easily pass for an 80’s pop rock record.

Adeline Records, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day’s label, released Money Money 2020 on vinyl. They pressed it on 180 gram blue vinyl. I expected a darker blue more along the lines of royal blue, not baby blue. There is no word on how many copies were pressed, but for now it is only pressed on this shade of blue. Adeline usually keeps their records in print for a long time, so you shouldn’t be worried about being able to pick one up at your leisure.


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