The Killers – Sawdust (1st Press)

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Vinyl

The Killers’ b-sides album, Sawdust, is quickly going out of print. If you are on the fence about picking this up for whatever reason and see this at your local record store, snatch it up. Be wary of placing an order for one online at the many places that claim to have copies, as I had to go through several places that cancelled my order to successfully get one. It paid off though, as I saved about $7 in the process. I suggest emailing the particular place selling this online to check and see if they actually have copies in stock, and avoid going through the Amazon seller’s market as none of those people have it, even though they have it listed and reply to emails saying “yes we have it,” then cancel your order a few days later.

Sawdust was pressed as a double LP in a gatefold jacket. The album contains all the songs to date that could only be found on 7″ or CD singles prior to Sawdust’s release. So if you don’t want to scour the web trying to track down each Killers 7″ for the exclusive b-side, this album is a one stop shop. Unfortunate;y, however, the download codes are long expired.

In 2017 a re-press of Sawdust was announced, making it the second pressing.


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